Friday, 8 July 2011

watTOdo?? T_T

Y im showing dat pic? i think ppl know y.. im goin to other parts off Sarawak and its Mukah!! yey *not dat happy actually..

Y im goin there?? 

recognize? not yet?

recognize edy? yup.. its Polytechnic Mukah Sarawak.. :)

haiz... my 'flight' tomoro is 8.00 a.m Bintang Jaya.. n now its 2.40 a.m.. wat took it so long!! erghh!! 
dunno wat to do.. so im watching some movies and  drama.. :)

this movie.. ppl know already.. its KL GENGSTER.. for this movie.. i just can say wow!! sure 'syok abiss'!! but haizz.. sure this movie will effect ppl ba.. event in poli liao.. n im very sure ppl will follow some word/scripts from this movie.. gerenti punya laa!! :)

now.. let me share wat drama im watching right now.. :) HEARTSTRINGS the name... its korean drama for sure.. still new.. now only have 4 ep will end in august.. :) 
for a korean drama lover or anyone who wan to watch this drama.. click here
just follow the instruction and the sub already given oso :)

enough for tonight.. dunno wat to share.. sry for the lame entry :) just wanna buy some times c(:
pp then.. :)

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